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What is the MY Leadership Academy Programme?

The MY Leadership Academy Programme is designed to create a structure which young people can follow to help them develop as leaders within gymnastics environments (schools, clubs and leisure centres). The programme encourages leaders to complete five different ‘topic’ areas:


MY Learning: Leaders are tasked with completing a number of different courses, both generic and sport specific.


MY Development: Leaders are tasked with identifying a mentor and learning from working alongside them.


MY Volunteering: Leaders are tasked with volunteering their time at events and meetings.


MY Future: Leaders are tasked with producing a development plan and working towards completing their goals.


MY Projects: Leaders are tasked with identifying appropriate needs, and running a project to add benefits to themselves and their club.


The programme introduces Young Leaders to the various roles and opportunities available within gymnastics, helps them to identify their strengths and the aspects of gymnastics they enjoy and encourages leaders to stay within the sport for longer, creating a larger and stronger workforce for the future.


The programme is specifically targeted at Young Leaders aged 11-17, but is equally open to anyone over the age of 17. The MY Leadership Academy booklet is available free to members of British Gymnastics.

The programme is structured, yet flexible in that it can be adapted to suit the needs of individuals and different environments. There are awards, rewards and recognition available at various stages of completion to encourage the leaders to continue to develop.

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